New Football Rules Needed?

This website has been created to serve as a basis for discussion on various potential changes in the rules of football (or ‘soccer’, as it is known in the USA), to make the game more exciting for the fans.

I’ve been watching football for years, mostly on television, and have thought long and hard about what could be done to make the game more attractive. I‘ve often asked myself how it is possible for 22 men to chase a ball backwards and forwards for 90 minutes and end up with a boring 0-0 draw. Such a result almost never occurs in hockey, handball or basketball.

Apart from changing the rules of the game, I also have some suggestions for changes to the competition format of the Football World Cup, organised every four years by FIFA.

If you support these suggested new football rules, please recommend to others.

Click here for free photos of a friendly football match,
FC Luzern v Borussia Mönchengladbach,
taken in May 2016.





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