The penalty shootout, Football

If a knock-out match is undecided after 90 minutes, the game goes into extra time. If the result is still a draw after extra time, the match is decided with a penalty shootout. The penalty kick does not require great footballing skill but rather a mighty kick at goal, where both the penalty taker and the goalkeeper speculate about which corner of the goal the ball will fly into. Therefore I suggest a new rule for a penalty shootout:

Suggested new rule: If a knock-out match is still a draw after extra time, “short games” are played. In a short game the attacking team consists of two players, the defending team of one outfield player and the goalkeeper. The attacking team are in possession of the ball and start the attack from the centre circle. The player and goalkeeper defending start the short game in the penalty box. The short game lasts a maximum of 30 seconds. The attacking team must score a goal within this time limit to win. Each team can attack and defend four times in a short game. The short games continue until one team has won more short games, both teams having attacked and defended the same number of times. The attacking and defending players for the short games are chosen by the managers.

The short game makes greater demands on footballing skills and the spectators see more of a spectacle than just a kick at the goal.

The short game could also be introduced into regular league matches. If a match is undecided after 90 minutes, short games will immediately follow. The losing team keeps its league point for the draw after 90 minutes. The winning team of the short matches gains an extra league point.


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